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Cards: 64 Cards Worth: 64 Updated: 17/07/19 Points: 10


Nala 06/15

Jewel 03/15

Tinkerbell 02/15

Wendy 01/15

Anna 01/15

Alice 01/15

Puss in Boots 01/15

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Events Card



Activity Log

17.07.19 – Randomizer 20 cards for the update this week as follows got chel09, robin09, rocko12, chowder03, aang02, jackjack01, jazmine15, entrapta15, patrick10, kuzco07, starfire01, chuckie02, wendy09, jasmine13, jade08, sailormoon01, miguel212, alvin02, frankie10. Dexters Lab Code babypiggy10. Got alice05 playing lottery. Pooh’s Honey Pot: Traded gaston15 for pussinboots08.

09.07.19 – Updates have taken events14. New decks taken bart01, billy05, dougcharacters08, dougcharacters15, dw09, gaston05, jewel01, jewel02, kelsey05, maleficent08, patrick05, patrick15, peterpan05, princenaveen05, rapunzel01, rapunzelo2, rugratcharacters01, sailormoon10, sailormoon15, thelandbeforetimechracters07, toystorycharacters05, toystorychracters04, gaston15, billy07. Fourth of July Freebies: nala04, jewel04, anna04, tinkerbell04.

07.07.19 – Dexters Lab Code woody01.Yzmas Lever: minnie14, 5 points. Kuzcos Wager: grim05, tommy12, 5 points.

06.07.19 – Received starter pack nala12, nala01, nala14, nala15, marceline08, chuckie04, flapjack07, catnoir07, bubbie11, wooldoor14, baymax08, stimpy10.

Trade Log

17.07.19 – Swapped member cards with Mio.

10.07.19  Swapped member cards with Osaka. Swapped member cards with Lex and my princenaveen05 for tinkerbell11. Swapped member cards with Aleck. Swapped member cards with Nessa.

09.07.19 – Traded with Maitland member cards and my marceline08 with nala11.