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Cards: 55 Cards Worth: 55 Updated: 18/08/19


Jane Austen – Mansfield Park 01/15

Jane Austen – Emma 06/15

Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice 02/15

Good Omens 01/15



18.08.19 – Card Claim: emma06, thequeen01. Higher or Lower: thethousandorcs10, theabcmurders02. Spin The Wheel: theabcmurders02. Doubles Exchange: theabcmurders02 for killer05. War: wutheringheights13, acourtofthornsandroses15, gossipgirl08. Pick A Book: hpgobletoffire10, thewhitequeen01, fiftyshadesofgrey01. 

13.08.19 – New decks taken, goodomens01, hpprisonerofazkaban08, endersgame09, spnnevermore09, cityoflostsouls08. Wishing well choice 8 card taken emma08.

05.08.19 – New decks taken hpsorcerersstone07, americanpsycho10, afeastforcrows07, alicesadventuresinwonderland-alt109, alicesadventuresinwonderland-alt109. Wishing well  2 choice cards taken emma03, prideandprejudice02.

30.07.19 – New decks taken cityofbones11, acourtofmistandfury09, prideandprejudice01, cityofashes09, tcnthelionthewitchandthewardrobe09. Wishing well take cards spelling PREJOIN have taken mansfieldpark01, eatpraylove09, emma03, janeeyre11, olivertwist12, gossipgirl07, spellbound103. Blackjack: allegiant02, prideandprejudice11. Spin The Wheel: 20000leaguesunderthesea01. War: carrie08, animalfarm09, fiftyshadesofgrey10.

28.07.19 – Received starter pack emma02, emma11, 20000leaguesunderthesea02, pillowtalk11, olivertwist12, 198411, andthemountainsechoed07, allegiant09, misguidedangel11, fiftyshadesofgrey02, cinder05, pillowtalk08. Taken emma01 for putting trade log up.