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Cards: 59 Cards Worth: 59 Updated: 20/07/19  x16


Member Cards

Queen – I want to break free 02/20

Queen 06/20

The Script 05/20



Activity Log

20.07.19 – New Decks: rm10, avengedsevenfold19, kellyclarkson19, selenagomez04, adele14. Wishwell chose queen07.

17.07.19New Decks: britneyspears08, sophieellisbextor-comewithus12, paparoach-scars06, ladygaga-badromance19, jungkook18, queen-iwanttobreakfree10, christinaaguilera10, bridgitmendler15, top10, demilovato15. 10 music notes wished by Haylee. Updates christinaaguilera02, mcr-theghostofyou15, christinaaguilera11, onedirection-storyofmylife04, thesaturdays16, demilovato-sorrynotsorry19, britneyspears-pieceofme01, christinaaguilera01, taemin-danger17, 5sos-outofmylimit11, evanescence08, sf9-osolemio09, sunmi-gashina15, demilovato-sorrynotsorry17, arianagrande-onelasttime08. Cards spelling summer got thescript01, queen01, mychemicalromance07, demilovato20, queen-iwanttobreakfree01, taemin-danger15.

07.07.19 – Melting Pot: Traded ladygaga-judas10 for queen19. Blackjack: kellyclarkson-neveragain04, taylorswift-badblood04.War: demilovato-sorrynotsorry13, linkinpark-crawling14. Freebies: ladygaga-judas14, demilovato-sorrynotsorry13, evanescence14, + 2 music notes. Memory: evanescence01, arianagrande-onelasttime06, + 2 music notes. Pick A Random: britneyspears-pieceofme20, + 2 music notes. Higher or Lower: 30secondstomars03, linkinpark-crawling06. Doubles Exchange: ladygaga-judas10 for 30secondstomars20.

06.07.19 – Received starter pack queen17, queen13, blackpink-boombayah18, mychemicalromance18, linkinpark-crawling15, ladygaga-judas10, taemin-danger13, adele-hello05, thescript18.

Trade Log

20.07.19 – Traded with Marina my demilovato15 for thescript20.

17.07.19 – Traded with Catherine evanescence14, kellyclarkson-neveragain04 for thescript02, thescript03 and member cards. Traded with Mid member cards and my taemin-danger13 for queen08.