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Cards: 81 Cards Worth: 81 Updated: 15/09/19 Coins 2  x


Member Cards

Animal Crossing 11/20

Animal Crossing New Leaf 07/20

Lady Sylvanas 06/20

Pokemon Gold and Silver 05/20

Princess Peach 06/20

Harvest Moon – Tree of Tranquility 03/20

Harvest Moon 01/20




Activity Log

15.09.19 – New Decks: finalfantasycc06, ninokuni09, criminalminds19, caitlynthesheriffofpiltover02, harvestmoon05. Bonus Wish cards spelling MAGIC have taken pokemongoldsilver04, animalcrossing06, grandtheftautov13, animalcrossingnl04, princesspeach20.

01.09.19New Decks: dmcdevilmaycry06, silenthilldownpour03, farmville12, finalfantasyxiv19, yoshisstory12. Wishing well cards spelling SCHOOL have taken animalcrossing04, animalcrossingnl03, princesspeach03,  pokemongoldsilver03, silenthilldownpour18, harvestmoontot03.

25.08.19New Decks: supermariobros313, banjotooie09, adawong10, assassinscreed18, tetris05.  Wishing well five choice cards have taken animalcrossing03, animalcrossingnl02, ladysylvanas01, pokemongoldsilver02, harvestmoontot02. Update bonus cards 02 and 08 have taken animalcrossing08 and princesspeach02.

18.08.19 – New Decks: fatalframeii12, cullenrutherford16, aqua15, yoshisisland15, guiltygearxx03. Wishing well cards spelling TEETH have taken tekken419, animalcrossingnl01, princesspeach01, pokemongoldsilver01, pteraonline13, harvestmoontot01.

13.08.19 – New Decks: braid14, farcry318, anders16, princesspeach07, sims307. Wishing well take cards 02,09 and 18 have taken animalcrossing02, animalcrossingnl09, ladysylvanas18.

05.08.19 – New Decks: yoshi18, banjokazooie07, buffyvampireslayer01, ironbull04, dizzy07, deadoralive201, mariokart6410, diddykongracing06, dishonored15, heartless11. Wishing well taken animalcrossing01, animalcrossingnl05, ladysylvanas16, pokemongoldsilver20.

21.07.19 – New Decks: wowcataclysm07, finalfantasyxivopening06, articuno06, mario10, animalcrossingnl06. Wishing well have taken animalcrossing05. Freebies: sora11, finalfantasyfirstkiss06, sims403, + 2 coins. Wheel of Fortune: finalfantasyviii13, metroidprime13. Wishing Well: bigdaddy17, finalfantasyxivopening02.

10.07.19 – Received starter pack animalcrossing13, animalcrossing12, bubblebobble11, batmanaa06, fallout316, kingdomhearts3582days01, fallout314, diabloiii04, dva06.

Trade Log

15.09.19 – Traded with Mary banjokazooie07 for animalcrossing09 and member cards.

04.09.19 – Traded with Cici silenthilldownpour03, silenthilldownpour18 for princesspeach14, animalcrossing07.

07.08.19 – Traded with Dite my sims403, ironbull04 for ladysylvanas09, ladysylvanas14 and member cards. Traded with CiCi member cards and my finalfantasyviii13 for ladysylvanas13.