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Cards: 119 Cards Worth: 119 Updated: 16/09/19 Cake   x 16



Member Cards

Lasagna 08/15

Coffee 02/15

Animal Cookies 12/15

Fried Chicken 06/15

Garlic Bread 04/15

Butter 03/15




Activity Log

16.09.19 New decks taken sugar05, baklava05, takoyaki11, tiramisu10, candycanes01, poutine09, butter01, butter02, eggtarts09, eggtarts08. Wishing well cards spelling SEPTEMBER have taken lasagna15, coffee15, champagne08, butter03, garlicbread15, animalcookies11, baklava15, friedchicken15, corndogs08.

16.08.19 – Blackjack: mango12, animalcookies12. Card Claim: animalcookies14, cherries09. Freebies: chocolateblocks08, spinach09, fettuccinealfredo14, + 2 piece of cakes. Hangman: mango13, corndogs01. Higher or Lower: tofu04, ramune03. Melting Pot: Traded ramune03 for animalcookies13. Pick A Random: ramune15, spaghetti07, garlic12.

13.08.19 – New Decks: chocolateblocks09, mango14, nachos13, lollipops03, rice12, lollipops05. Wishing well take cards 02 and 09 have taken lasagna02, friedchicken09.

07.08.19 – Mastered brie: animalcookies06, ramune10, curry11, champagne03.

05.08.19New Decks: peaches10, popcorn04, pancakes08, cornbread15, ramune04, popcorn15. Wishing well cards spelling AUGUST have taken garlicbread03, cupcakes04, lasagna01, sushi09, animalcookies04, tofu06. Wishing Well: gyoza11, coffee11.

29.07.19Freebies: chocolatestrawberries02, hottea05, bacon15, + 2 piece of cakes. Unreleased Cards Vote: macarons03, pizza09, cupcakes13.

28.07.19New Decks: spaghetti07, steak13, apples01, redvelvetcake09, curry02, frozenyogurt10, grilledcheese10, cherries10, lasgana10, garlic11. Wishing well cards spelling FLORIDA have taken friedchicken04, animalcookies05, pho15, brie04, garlicbread02, friedrice01, blackbeans12.

21.07.19New Decks: coconut12, friedrice09, garlicbread08, strawberries03, ramen04. Wishing well category cards have taken champagne15, brie02, strawberries05, garlicbread01, friedchicken03, gyoza10, sushi10, ramen10, animalcookies03, spinach10.

17.07.19 – New Decks: chocolatestrawberries06, gyoza11, bacon03, friedchicken01, champagne13. Cards spelling summer have taken lemons09, bulgogi10, animalcookies01, gummybears05, brie01, friedchicken02.

09.07.19 – Received starter pack animalcookies09, animalcookies02, frenchtoast09, macrons12, hottea01, brie08, pho13, blackbeans14, blackbeans01, pho08. Took animalcookie15 for putting starter pack up.

Trade Log

01.09.19 – Traded with Mio cupcakes04, ramune15 for lasagna13, lasagna14.

14.08.19 – Traded with Ouji mychocolateblocks09, lollipops03 for lasagna05, lasagna06.

07.08.19 – Traded my ramen04 for brie12 and member cards with Ruthie. Traded with Mio my grilledcheese10 for brie09 and member cards.

05.08.19 – Cupcakes13, redvelvetcake09 and frenchtoast09 for brie13, brie14 and brie15 and member cards swapped with Karen. Swapped member cards with Lex.

30.07.19 – Swapped members cards and my strawberry03 with brie10 with Pam. Swapped member cards and my pho13, sushi10 for brie06 and brie07 with Alecs.

29.07.19 – Traded with Ouji forzenyougurt10 for brie10.

28.07.19 – Traded with Yasu my gyzoa10 for brie03 and swapped member cards.

21.07.19 – Traded with Ouji my chocolatestrawberries06, champagne13 for brie05, brie11 and member cards. Swapped member cards with Haylee.